Sandra Waldrop

Meet Owner Sandra Waldrop, PhD

Hi, I am Sandra Waldrop, PhD. I started my consulting company InSite To Web in 2008. I began making websites in the late 90’s for community groups and my employer. I formalized my website-making skills by completing Web Design and Development Certificates through Emory Continuing Education in January 2008. I work closely with my clients to produce a website that fits your company’s needs. If you have a site that requires regular updates, I can make a site for you that you can easily update and maintain.


Before starting my company, I spent 20 years in medical research first at University of Alabama at Birmingham and the final 16 years in the Emory University School of Medicine where I am an author on 32 publications. I have a PhD in Chemistry from Emory University. During my years of research, I particularly enjoyed working with databases and statistics.

Why eCommerce?

As I learned more about the capabilities of websites, I became very interested in “dynamic websites” that draw information from a database each time the website displays. Ecommerce websites work well as dynamic websites. The store owner can easily update the products and product information such as prices by making changes in the product database. The website can display this information in many different ways.

Working Closely With Clients

When I work with a client on their website, I want my client to be informed about the process of making the site. For my ecommerce clients, I want to make sure they are comfortable using their site to update product information and to process orders. I work with my clients to set up online advertising including helping them develop proper online ads. I show them how easy it is to advertise specials and seasonal items.

I expect to have a long term relationship with my clients. I want to do all I can to make your business successful.