Before Sandra took over our web administration we were handcuffed by the old website and system for administering memberships. We could never even tell how many members our organization had at any one time, without a lot of work. She analyzed the situation, understood where the shortfalls and opportunities were. She redid the site, recommended and installed new membership management software and a smooth payment system and keeps the software up to date.
I have worked with Sandra for several years and have been very happy with how Sandra has helped us. Now our organization’s leadership can focus on our mission instead of being caught up in operational details!

Jim Stanhouse, Lilburn Business Association – Treasurer

Jim Stanhouse

When we first discovered Sandra, we had a very basic website which was not very interesting and wasn’t even built on a responsive format. Sandra completely rebuilt what we had and made it engaging, interesting, informative and easy to navigate. She took the time to do her homework, asking lots of questions about our business and providing the graphics and page subjects that we needed to make everything functional. The results were almost immediate! Our website traffic quadrupled and the feedback that we got from our patients was very positive. Our SEO improved dramatically, and lots of new patients found us for the first time. Sandra helped us set up everything we needed to track website performance, trained us to do all the basic maintenance ourselves, and provided great support when we needed extra help. Our investment in InSite to Web was money well spent that produced an excellent return.

Mike Albright, Former Office Manager, Southeast Urgent Care

Mike Albright