My Web Services

My broad experience comes into play whether it is designing an attractive and functional website or trouble shooting one.

Woman typing on a laptop with a small shopping cart model in foreground.

Selling Online

Do you currently have or want an online store? Let’s talk about the best cart for your business.

  • Experience with many online shopping carts
  • Simple order forms including online payments.

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Web Design

Do you have a small business, non-profit or personal interest needing a website? Have you started your own website and find you need help? Does your website look bad on mobile devices? Has your website stopped working? Do you need someone to oversee the regular updates that keep your site maintained on the backend?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, Let’s Talk!


Web Support

Need advice on your next website. Should you use a subscription service like Wix or Squares Space or get a hosting plan and use WordPress? I can help you with those decisions. Do you need help with your social media and blog posts? Do you need someone to talk to Customer Support? I use a very interactive approach with my clients. My job is to handle the technical side to you can focus on getting your job done.

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Online Backup

Never fear the lose of a file or a crashed hard drive. Carbonite works in the background keeping your files backed up and protected.

Don’t know which product is right for you?  Let’s Talk!

Website Hosting

Not happy with your current hosting company? Siteground has it all including the latest features for speed and safety. 

Want to make the switch? Let’s talk!


Do you have an idea for a site but not ready to make a move? Go ahead and get your domain name. I can help you pick a great one!

Do you have domains you are not using? I can help you:

  • put them up for sale (Auction)
  • allow ads under the domain (Cash Parking)

No charge to you if your domain does not produce revenue.

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Do you need help with Newsletters? Need to build a contact list? You need a way to send mail to these lists and Mailchimp or Constant Contact are great ways to do just that.

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Insite To Web has been around since since 2008.

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